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"Peacock Beads" is a great name! We couldn't pass it up! People talk about "the colors of a rainbow" but with over 700 colors of seed beads from one maker, Delica's with 130+ new colors, and an almost unlimited pallet from the Czech factories, a "rainbow" just doesn't cover it! SO, a Peacock! Loads more colors, subtle shades, and more colors than a rainbows 7.

We usually have almost 1000 different sizes and colors of seed beads in stock, as well as a lot of mixes. Sizes range from 20/0 (vintage) very limited, to size 3/o. We stock hundreds of colors in size 11/o, and carry many of the colors into sizes 8/o and E. We have triangles, squares and drops. Bugles and things that defy classification. We have pounds of mixed vintage seed beads, running from 24/o to "trade" size.

If our seed beads defy classification as a "rainbow", then our Gemstone beads are flat out rebellious! Mother Nature does not limit her pallet to a set number of shades. Greens become reds, yellows merge into blues, and a single bead may have 1000 shades of color within it. Materials vary from Amazonite to Zoisite. Burmese Jade to yellow jasper. Citrine to Dalmatian stone, Picasso Jasper to Garnet or Aquamarine. Clear and white quartz, to Jet. And everything inbetween, around, above and below. If beautiful clear quartz is not your passion, try Indian Jasper with a mix of green, red, yellow, and other shades ("Bloodstone"). Moss agate in dozens of varieties, and Leopard and Dalmation stones in a number of species.

In light of the natural beauty of the gemstones above, the Swarovski crystals almost struggle to hold their own. The finest high-lead (32-34%) crystal out there, these little beauties come in several shapes and sizes (commonly) and dozens of other shapes and sizes currently and vintage. Several dozen colors are enhanced with a half dozen different coatings and effects, to give a pretty extensive pallet, but nothing like the one used by Mother Nature, or even the seed bead makers. But, the sparkle, clarity, and beauty of these crystals is something to appreciate in their own right. They enhance the beads above, mix well with sterling silver and gold, and can stand alone as a single pendent.

Bone, ceramic and other materials are available in fewer shades, but a stunning array of sizes and shapes. Hand made, blown or fused, glass beads can have an amazing range of shades, colors and translucency, and are limited in size and shapes only by the creativity of the artist making them. They can be simple rounds in graduated sets, or a single pendent that tells a whole story by itself.

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