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NEW! - PonyBeading.com - Margo's BeadieCritters.com site is up and running at this address.

Other sites we have, you might be interested in:

Girlfriends.com: for the sophisticated woman!

  • Pugs.NET - where we put the "pug" stuff!
  • PugCards.com - where we put SENDABLE "pug" stuff!
  • Origami.NET -- where we put our Origami, Paper Crafts, and Japan links
  • Weddings101.com -- All about weddings!
  • WoodcraftOriginals.com -- Some of the finest wood turnings available! Post-blocked bowls and boxes as well as feather weight hollow turned ornaments in solid burls and post blocked designs.
  • KnotSpot.com - we'll be setting up a Knot Registry and oriental knotting site. Coming soon!
  • HempQuarters.com -- Your one stop for information on all things hemp, especially macrame and jewelry making. Check it out! This site network will be live by late Spring 2003!
  • TheDinoShop.com -- we'll be setting up a fossils site here and at OurFossils.com, with photos, information, and collector's specimens.
  • CrystalHarvest.com -- we'll have a site for crystals for their beauty, healing powers, or collectors values. AboutCrystals.com will be the information site, while CrystalHarvest.com will be the sales and showcase site.(coming soon)
  • PeaceCrystals.com -- specific items and specimens of healing crystals. (coming soon)
  • Rockstrology.com -- our information site on rocks, crystals and whatnot. (coming soon)
  • JohnnyGinkgoSeed.com -- our tribute to an amazing species that has survived since prehistoric times. A true "Living Fossil."
  • DollHouseWorkshop.com -- Information, supplies, and photos about dollhouse building and repair. We might eventually add to it miniatures and such.
  • POSTCARDS.COM -- where we put our Digital Postcards® images, and postcards.
  • CreepyCards.com -- where we put MORE of our stuff :)
  • PostcardsPortal.com -- where we put the links to the best postcards resources.
  • LapLinks.com -- where we put rocks, minerals, crystals, and Lapidary hobbies!
    <%-- Girlfriends.com -- where we have the best "Girlfriends" links around!
  • JewishPostcards.com -- our newest site -- pictures of Israel and Judaica themes.
  • The Links SQL FAQ -- where we do SQL, Links, and database support & consulting.